• Streamline your as-a-Service portfolio and boost business with the Dell APEX advantage

      Introducing APEX, our exciting portfolio of as-a-Service infrastructure offerings. Deliver the IT capabilities your customers want with the reliability they need – all packaged in the simplest way possible.

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    • Latest Updates

    • Realizing your APEX advantage as a Dell Technologies partner

      The Dell APEX advantage helps differentiate and empower your customer offerings while enhancing your cloud revenue potential.

    • Reducing Multi-Cloud Complexity – A Partner New Year’s Resolution for 2022

      Our exciting, new Dell APEX offerings help you make your customers “cloud smart,” rather than simply going “cloud first.”

    • Helping Customers Choose Between Public and Private Cloud Puts Partners in the Driver’s Seat

      In the modern working era, harnessing cloud capabilities is fundamental to business success. Demonstrate your expertise and deliver the solutions needed to be a trusted partner.

    • 2 Things You Need to Do

      Learn how APEX as-a-Service IT infrastructure can help your customers unlock new routes to innovation while bringing you both a clear advantage.