• Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager

    • Optimize your IT infrastructure.

      Maximize data center uptime and control your energy use with Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager. Power Manager enables you to monitor and budget server power based on the consumption and workload needs as well as keep an eye on the thermal conditions.

    • OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager Key Benefits

      • Optimize your IT infrastructure’s performance relative to power consumption
      • Monitor and manage servers’ power and thermal consumption
      • Record power and CPU consumption for accurate chargeback

    • Enhance the control of server power consumption and mitigate operational risks

      Enhance your visibility into server power consumption and control utilization through the OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager console’s integration with the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) embedded in Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. Set policy-based controls to maximize resource use and throttle-back power when performance demand ebbs. By using pre-defined power policies, Power Manager can help mitigate operational risks and ensure that your servers and their key workloads continue to operate.

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      Measure power usage:
      Measure IT equipment power and thermal health of servers

      Mitigate risks:
      Mitigate risks from power and cooling events with pre-defined responses.

      Utilize capacity:
      Utilize the full capacity of existing rack and power infrastructure.

      Set controls:
      Set policy-based controls to intelligently throttle power when power pricing changes or when performance is needed.

    • Maximize uptime and control energy use with OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager

      With Power Manager, you can access reports and act on infrastructure status from virtually anywhere on the globe. You can also respond to changing priorities and unforeseen events rapidly and effectively. By tightly monitoring and controlling energy use, you can save reduce expenses, maintain availability, and help preserve energy resources.

    • Essential Resources

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      The new Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager lets you view, measure and control server power consumption and increase your infrastructure’s performance.

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