• Dell EMC provides best in class data protection for multi-cloud and VMware environments.  With the release of vSphere 7 and Tanzu, Dell EMC data protection is your solution for protecting modern applications.

      Dell EMC data protection solutions offer seamless integration, self-service capabilities and reduce storage requirements all at a lower cost of ownership (TCO).  As you deploy modern applications, this integration ensures flexible and consistent data protection across the VM and cloud native container and hardware stacks.

    • Dell EMC data protection solutions provide flexibility, scalability, and simplicity 

      • Provides flexibility for instant VM restores
      • Scalable solution as VM ecosystem grows
      • 3 clicks to failover, 2 clicks to failback
    • Why Dell EMC for Protecting VMware Workloads

    • With so many other priorities for IT and vAdmins, VMware data protection should consume minimum effort and resources. Dell EMC solutions meet this challenge by providing automation, integration with VMware, and comprehensive coverage for the largest application ecosystem, on premises and in the cloud. Dell EMC Data Protection for Backup and VMware also delivers higher performance, superior deduplication, and lower bandwidth usage, all at a low cost to protect.


      Data Protection for Kubernetes Workloads

      Dell EMC has joined VMware’s open source efforts to participate in the Velero community and contribute to Velero’s development.  Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager builds on project Velero to provide a data protection solution that enables the discovery, application-consistent backup, orchestration and restore for Kubernetes workloads, VMware hybrid cloud environments, and Tanzu modern applications.  With the ability to support cloud-native Kubernetes environments, Dell EMC delivers the data protection required for production vSphere 7 and Tanzu modern applications.

    • Data Protection Trends in Virtual Environments

      Data Protection Trends in Virtual Environments

      According to ESG Research, the 3 Keys to Success when it comes to a data backup solution for virtual environments are:

      1. Integration with VMware management tools
      2. Compatibility with VMware hypervisor versions
      3. Joint engineering with VMware

      This is where Dell Technologies’ tight integration with VMware is critical.

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      Customer Story: Republic Bank

      Easy Data Protection helps community bank compete nationally

      Republic Bank relies on Dell EMC Data Protection for all its data, leveraging tight integration with VMware for easy data management and automated backups. 


      Customer Story Compilation

      Innovative data protection for virtual environments

      Learn how our customers are standardizing, simplifying their infrastructure and driving down operational costs—all while their data continues to grow, with the tight integration of Dell EMC Data Protection and VMware.

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