Maaseik city running on VxRail

The core business of the city of Maaseik is the first-line guidance and services provided by local governments to its residents. In addition to the urban administration, the OCMW and the residential care center are also part of the city’s network. The biggest challenge within the IT department of Maaseik is to ensure that everything continues to function, from networking to the servers to the laptops. Since 1996, this city has continuously chosen Dell Technologies to provide them a stable solution for their IT department.

In need of an intelligent IT support, Maaseik recently chose our VxRail. This server works faster and more efficiently than the previous SAN solution. For future expansions, they can easily add nodes online. If a node becomes defective, it will be collected in the same cluster by redundancy. The city deals with personal data on a daily basis, and this data needs to be handled and secured correctly. Curious about what Maaseik has to say about this switch? Discover it here:

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