Dell Technologies – Customer Story: Elvinger Hoss Prussen

We now have solid IT foundations

Elvinger Hoss Prussen is a law firm, located in Luxembourg (city). The management wanted to make it possible for all employees to work anywhere they want, with the same functionality and user experience as at the office. Karl Pardaens, Partner with Elvinger Hoss Pussen and David Van De Keer, responsible for the IT environment at the firm, talk about the project that was realised in close cooperation with Dell Technologies.

“We work with specialists and we are always looking for the biggest talents of the future to come and work with us. This means that our IT also needs to be handled by specialists, and it needs to be future-proof”, Karl Pardaens explains.

We chose Dell Technologies for three reasons”, according to David Van De Keer. “They are good at automatising complete solutions, they offer what I refer to as a one stop shop in the area of support, and with Dell Technologies the complete stack fits into one hand.”

Together with Dell Technologies the datacentre footprint was successfully reduced, through a hyperconverged infrastructure. The staff workplaces were also updated. The whole environment had its user rights and security furnished in such a way that everyone, considering their specific role, function and location, can communicate safely and optimally. With internal colleagues as well as external parties.

David Van De Keer addresses one of the biggest challenges. “Our systems really have to be on air 24/7. Even in case of migrations or updates.” That has been successfully addressed with the new HCI solution.

Both men are satisfied about the process. Karl Pardaens: We now have solid IT foundations. And we are ready to continue our digital journey.”

Customer Story: Elvinger Hoss Prussen

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