• OEM PowerEdge Servers, customized for your needs

      We offer you the best of Dell Technologies PowerEdge servers, engineered and configured for your application


      Build a secure appliance

      OEM PowerEdge servers deliver a worry-free infrastructure that is secure and scalable, without compromise.

      OEM servers come with security built deep into the hardware and firmware from the start, instilling confidence and empowering you to protect your business.


      The OEM PowerEdge Server advantage

      OEM PowerEdge servers deliver secure, scalable, customizable high-performance solutions with maximum flexibility, efficiency and automation. Design with us today.


      OEM Systems Management

      Free up resources, increase availability and deploy your solutions to market faster with built in systems management. With OEM Embedded & Edge solutions, you have powerful systems management integrated into your solution from the moment your ideas are delivered to market.

      With Dell Technologies OEM Solutions, powerful systems management is integrated into your solution from day one.

    • Explore OEM servers

      Your application needs technology it can depend on. Build a secure, scalable and customizable appliance with OEM PowerEdge Servers

    • OEM PowerEdge Rack Servers

      OEM PowerEdge Rack Servers

      Offering optimal balance in compute and memory

      The rack server is a hard working platform, delivering storage, I/O, and application acceleration balanced with configuration flexibility.

    • OEM PowerEdge Tower Servers

      OEM PowerEdge Tower Servers

      Designed to grow with you

      Reliable, scalable and easy to manage, our tower servers are designed for your specific applications and are ideal for remote and branch office locations.

    • OEM PowerEdge Modular Servers

      OEM PowerEdge Modular Servers

      Ultimate compute flexibility

      Our modular platforms are designed to support the right balance of density, capacity, and flexibility using either traditional or cloud-native workloads.

    • OEM PowerEdge Industrial Servers

      OEM PowerEdge Industrial Server

      Compute at the source

      Peak performance in a hardened, density optimized rack server certified for military and marine appliances.

    • Accomplish your vision with our OEM portfolio and expertise

      Specialized applications have specialized requirements. Our engineers work with your team to design innovative solutions and get you to market faster.

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