• App, tap, go: Innovation inside your next trip

    • The hospitality industry often sets the gold standard for customer experience. After all, they pride themselves on getting gold stars. Knowing and tending to a guest’s every whim can lead to many happy returns. Yet, as digital tools were making their way into customer service, the industry was skeptical that digitization would lead to a callous, impersonal experience. It turns out, the opposite is happening. Instead of driving a wedge between hotels and their guests, apps and tech tools are helping hotels further craft personalized guest experiences - upgrading the gold standard to blue-chip status.

      But the relationship isn’t one-sided. As guests benefit from a simpler, more customized experience, hotels and online vacation home rental services, like Airbnb, are gaining valuable insights that inform that next level of stellar service.

      Check out how these services are changing the way we travel. 

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