• “I think the spirit of the game is always about seeing a golf ball go into the hole … but I do think that the introduction of data has brought more benefit. Today, there's a lot more objective ways of looking at how you are swinging, how you're impacting, and how you're hitting the ball.”

    Jerry Yang, Founder, Yahoo.com

  • What you’ll hear in this episode

      • Military-grade tracking technology will prevent you from ever losing a wayward shot again
      • The very human instinct to swing at something and bring it closer to a target
      • A 500 year-old game that hasn’t changed all that much *(besides, you know, the clubs, balls, bags, coaching, course design, analytics and so on)
      • You’re dying to know what a “rut iron” is
      • And a “feathery”
      • How a statue of Vishnu added distance to everyone’s swing
      • The aerodynamics of dimples
      • The origin of Ping, and science behind the perfect putter
      • There’s probably 60-90 golf-related patent submissions every month
      • What happens when you mix Doppler radar with golf swings?
      • The story of AimPoint: Green reading systems for people who can’t read greens
      • Why Annika Sorenstam used to lose on purpose (before winning pretty much all the time)
      • It’s more than a gateway drug to harder forms of golf – it’s an entertainment experience unlike any other
      • Topgolf’s main success is removing barriers that would dissuade people from golfing, and creating their own technology-based industry
      • We name-drop Drake and Steph Curry
      • How a haptic suit will fix your swing

  • Guest list


      Loren Rubinstein 

      Loren Rubinstein was a longtime golf correspondent for the Globe and Mail, has written fourteen books about golf books and is a member of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. 


      Mark Sweeney

      Is the founder of AimPoint Golf and the inventor of AimPoint Virtual Putting Line for which he won the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award. 


      Dean Snell

      Otherwise known as the golf ball guru, Dean Snell is the founder of Snell Golf, and has spent over 25 years designing golf balls for some of the most famous players in the game.


      Fredrik Tuxen

      Is a radar scientist and the co-founder and Chief Information Officer for TrackMan.


      John Solheim

      Is the CEO of Ping Golf and the grandson of Karsten Solheim, the company’s original founder.


      Annika Sörenstam

      Is a retired Swedish professional golfer who is regarded as one of the best female golfers in history and a member of the Golf Hall of Fame.


      Eric Anderson

      Is the Co-Chairman and CEO of Topgolf Entertainment Group. Anderson was recently ranked by Golf Inc. as the No. 8 most powerful person in golf.


      Jerry Yang

      Is the co-founder of Yahoo.com and was the keynote speaker at the USGA's North American Golf Innovation Symposium, where he discussed the limitless ways technology can impact golf.

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