• “It's about writing a good story, it's about building a good effect... it's about having the right technology that's doing the right things at the right time... it's about the lighting, it's about the music, so it's all these different multi-disciplinary talents that need to come together. And it's that orchestrating that makes it magic.”

    Sakchin Besette, CEO, The Moment Factory

  • What you’ll hear in this episode

      • When life hands you a lemon, sometimes it’s just a lemon
      • Tales from the first 50,000-seat arena –built in 70AD
      • Why do we have electric guitars, anyway?
      • The sad, short, first rock-and-roll concert. (In Cleveland, naturally.)
      • How you could see the Beatles in concert without actually hearing them.
      • The dairy farm that changed live music forever
      • Ticketmaster: The world’s biggest, most technologically savvy concert vendor and promoter
      • Just how *do* you sell out arenas in a matter of minutes?
      • The wristband that’s also a key, a GPS, a credit card, and a Disney park pass
      • What’s a Moment Factory? And how does is make airports better?

  • Guest list


      Sakchin Besette

      Is the executive creative director and co-founder of new media and entertainment company Moment Factory. He led the creation of over 350 multimedia shows and installations worldwide.


      Austin Carr

      Is a senior writer with Fast Company magazine who writes about design and technology.


      Ivor Davis

      Is the author of The Beatles and Me On Tour. He was a foreign correspondent for the Times of London, a columnist for the New York Times syndicate, and was an editor at Los Angeles Magazine.


      Bill Hanley

      Is a sound engineer, known as the father of festival sound for being influential in a number of other renowned music festivals including the Newport Jazz Festival and Woodstock 1969.


      Dr. John Kane

      Dr. John Kane teaches at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. He wrote his dissertation on Bill Hanley "The Father of Festival Sound" and is creating a film about him titled The Last Seat in the House.


      Sean Moriarty

      Is the CEO of Leaf Group and a former president and CEO of Ticketmaster. He’s also a board member of Eventbrite.

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