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    • The benefits of public cloud, on your own private cloud infrastructure

      Dell Technologies Consulting Services offer cloud infrastructure services that bring you all the benefits of a public cloud, on your own private cloud infrastructure. We help you find new ways to enhance automation, software development & IT operations, and labor resourcing. So, your staff are free to focus on emerging business opportunities without sacrificing security or cost control.

    • Key Benefits

      • Reduced time to evolve an agile infrastructure
      • Safer configuration code alteration means lower risk
      • Faster time to fault resolution
      • Easy to implement first step towards lean and agile development processes

    • What We Offer Purpose Benefits What You Get
      • Infrastructure-as-Code Design & Implementation


      • Evaluate current readiness of application delivery pipeline and tool chain to identify opportunities for improved speed and agility
      • Fully scripted deployment of infrastructure and applications in an environment where all infrastructures are managed in version control systems
      • Self-monitoring system configuration with environment change notifications.
      • Identify pilot project scope and budget estimates for Phase 1 rollout and define expected outcomes
      • Self-heal changes to system configuration based on declared known-good state or versions
      • Simplified compliance and audit as every configuration change can be logged and traced



      • Evaluate current readiness and state of infrastructure service delivery and existing tool chain to identify opportunities for improved speed and agility
      • Identify Day One infrastructure/ platform service offerings/blueprints and define target state end-to-end development lifecycle
      • Design and implement IaC framework that automates build and deployment of Day One services using Infrastructure-as-Code DevOps best practices
      • Integrate and configure existing tools/services with workflow engine
      • Collaborate with the customer to develop, test and deliver Day One services through the IaC solution
      • Develop and deliver Day One stakeholder documentation and supporting materials