• Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle

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    • Transform IT to run Oracle in the digital era

      Invest in solutions designed to power Oracle databases for today’s enterprises, handling massive amounts of data critical to business operations and business insights.

    • Powering Oracle’s Database

    • With Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle, you are investing in future-ready IT solutions designed to power the Oracle Autonomous Database for OLTP, data warehouse and business intelligence.

    • Solution Situation Benefits Key Components

      Consolidating Mixed Workloads

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      • Increase in database and server sprawl
      • Cost and complexity running Oracle on “siloed” IT
      • Long maintenance and upgrade cycles for Oracle
      • Cost of protecting large number of databases copies over large landscapes
      • Reduce TCO by consolidating mixed databases on modern IT
      • Performance at scale for Oracle virtual systems
      • Increase productivity automating manual repetitive processes
      • Enable protection and  availability for “always on” mission critical workloads in the digital era
      • Simplify and reduce cost with native-integrated data protection for Oracle, SQL and SAP

      Reference Architecture

      • PowerEdge Modular Server
      • PowerMax Storage
      • Data Domain DD Boost for Enterprise Applications
      • Data Domain Storage


      Hyperconverged Infrastructure

      • VxRail
      • VxFlex


      Converged Infrastructure

      • VxBlock 1000

      Integrated Copy Management

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      • Cost and complexity resulting from running Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on “siloed” IT
      • Long maintenance and upgrade cycles for application workloads
      • Cost of protecting large number of Oracle database copies over large landscapes
      • Free DBA’s and admins to focus on higher-value work versus repetitive manual processes
      • Increased productivity providing more copies with less cost
      • Full copies with the performance of Oracle production instances
      • Application consistent copies

      Copy Data Management

      • AppSync


      Storage Platforms

      • PowerMax
      • XtremIO
      • Unity XT
      • SC Series


      Oracle Database Migrations

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      Today’s databases face many challenges including:


      • Performance stabilization
      • Data consolidation
      • Rapid creation of production copies
      • Cost of infrastructure and other factors contributing to TCO


      Complexity added as IT is challenged to upgrade Oracle databases to the latest versions


      Reduce complex time-consuming work planning infrastructure supporting Oracle upgrades


      Testing demonstrated:

      • Significant data compression / storage savings
      • Support for simplified upgrading of Oracle
      • Consistent database performance 

      Reference Architecture



      • Oracle 12c and 18c
      • VMware ESXi
      • Red Hat



      • PowerEdge Rack Servers
      • Networking
      • Unity AF Storage


    • Ready Solutions for Oracle Resources

    Customer Stories


      Access to Money that is Always Protected

      Security Service Federal Credit Union achieves continuous account access, 100 percent faster backups of disparate databases and 60:1 deduplication using Dell EMC’s Integrated Data Protection Appliance.


      Ensuring Patients Get the Care They Need

      Scripps Health provides physicians and staff ready access to information needed for patient care.

    Solution Overview


      Ready Solutions for Oracle Solution Overview

      Safeguard the availability of mission critical Oracle workloads with a purpose built solution that reduces costs and increases productivity.


      Ready Solutions for Oracle Specification Sheet

      Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle have a wide variety of sizes, configurations and deployment options to accommodate your database size, number of users and use case.


      Consolidate and Simplify Mixed Database Workloads with Dell EMC

      Dell EMC solutions for business applications enables you to consolidate mixed database workloads onto fewer servers and storage to realize a cost savings and return on your underlying infrastructure investments.

    Analyst Reports


      Preserve User Response Time While Ensuring Data Availability

      A Principled Technologies report: Hands-on testing.  Real-world results.


      Protecting Oracle Databases

      This report documents hands-on testing and validation of Dell EMC ProtectPoint technology for XtremIO with Dell EMC Data Domain for protection storage.

    Technical Resources


      Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle: Design for Dell EMC Unity All Flash Unified Storage

      This reference architecture guide shows that customers can migrate from Oracle Database 12c to Oracle Database 18c running on the Dell EMC Unity 650F All Flash storage array with no performance impact to production workloads.


      Dell EMC Ready Solution for Oracle with XtremIO X2 and Data Domain

      This deployment guide describes the design and deployment of the mixed Oracle database environments that are tested in the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle using Dell EMC XtremIO X2 and Data Domain for data protection.


      Oracle Database with Dell EMC PowerMax

      This white paper explains and demonstrates the benefits and best practices for deploying Oracle databases on PowerMax storage systems.


      Consolidate and simplify mixed database workloads with Dell EMC

      This reference architecture guide describes the design and tests  for mixed SQL Server and Oracle database workloads on Dell EMC PowerEdge MX modular server, PowerMax 2000 storage array and Data Domain DD99330.


      AppSync Integration with Oracle Database Server

      This white paper offers an in-depth look at how DellEMC AppSync integrates with Oracle Database Server.

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    • Servers


      Dell PowerEdge servers provide unprecedented performance for Oracle deployments and building blocks designed to start, scale or consolidate Oracle deployments.

    • Storage


      Dell EMC Storage Solutions provide unprecedented power and scale for consolidation, automation and intelligent operations of Oracle deployments to unlock the value of Oracle data.

    • Converged Infrastructure

      VxBlock 1000

      Realize greater business agility, improved data center efficiency and operational simplicity for Oracle with fully integrated compute, network, storage and data protection solutions. 

    • Hyperconverged Infrastructure


      Get the operational benefits of Hyperconverged infrastructure to support your mission-critical, performance-sensitive Oracle environments.


      Data Protection

      Data Domain

      Dell EMC Data protection software delivers high-performance data protection of your Oracle environments, enabling DBA self-service.



      Open Networking

      Modernize your data center with an Open Networking approach and support your Oracle workloads demands