• Modernize your systems management processes with secure mobile technology.

      OpenManage Mobile provides visibility into the health of your hardware infrastructure using Android or iOS smartphones or tablets and quickly alerts IT pros to critical events – anywhere, anytime. Utilize OpenManage Mobile to maximize hardware infrastructure uptime and respond rapidly to changing priorities or unexpected events.

    • OpenManage Mobile Key Benefits

      • View server and chassis inventory, health status and system logs from anywhere by accessing Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise
      • Configure, monitor and remediate PowerEdge MX modular infrastructure over-the-network or at-the-chassis with the Quick Sync 2 module
      • Streamline monitoring and troubleshooting of PowerEdge MX7000 modular infrastructure through augmented reality view of chassis components

    • Dell EMC OpenManage Mobile Management Options

      Easy access to PowerEdge servers, MX chassis and OpenManage systems management tools, including iDRAC, OpenManage Enterprise.


      Manage servers or chassis over-the-network through iDRAC

      Utilize Android or iOS mobile devices to access PowerEdge servers1 or MX chassis to perform configuration, monitoring and remediation tasks.

      Explore OpenManage Mobile Support >


      Manage at-the-server through Quick Sync

      Securely and wirelessly configure, monitor and remediate PowerEdge servers or chassis enabled with the Quick Sync bezel2 or the Quick Sync 2 module3.


      Explore OpenManage Mobile Support >

      iDRAC9 Spec Sheet >


      Manage PowerEdge MX Modular Infrastructure at-the-chassis

      Securely and wirelessly configure, monitor and remediate Quick Sync 2-enabled PowerEdge MX modular infrastructure.


      Explore the OpenManage Mobile Support Site >


      Monitor and manage anywhere through OpenManage Enterprise

      Access all Dell EMC and 3rd party IT infrastructure monitored by OpenManage Enterprise. Receive alert notifications automatically on your mobile device and take action by acknowledging or forwarding alerts, or by performing server power on, shut down or reboot functions.


      Visit the OpenManage Mobile Support Site for more information >

    • Manage IT infrastructure from anywhere

      Maintain continuous health and availability of your data center with OpenManage Mobile

      Wireless technology and mobile devices are pervasive in data centers today. Now is the time to take advantage of the extensive management capabilities available with the Dell EMC OpenManage Mobile application designed for use on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.

    • Essential Resources

      Dell EMC OpenManage Mobile Resources

    • Software Downloads


        OpenManage Mobile for Android

        Download OpenManage Mobile for use with your Android tablet or mobile phone.


        OpenManage Mobile for iOS

        Download OpenManage Mobile for use with your Apple iPad or iPhone.

    • Whitepapers


        Understanding OpenManage Mobile and Quick Sync Security

        Explore the security controls used by OpenManage Mobile.


        Accessing Remote Desktop using VNC

        Enable VNC support on iDRAC and securely connect to Android, and iOS client platforms.


        Understanding Augmented Reality in OpenManage Mobile

        Leverage OpenManage Mobile to enhance monitoring and troubleshooting of MX7000 chassis.


        OpenManage Enterprise Integration with OpenManage Mobile

        Monitor and Manage devices in OpenManage Enterprise from anywhere using OpenManage Mobile.


        Understanding Quick Sync 2 for Dell EMC PowerEdge

        Explore information about enhanced wireless configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting


        Save Server Management Time and Effort for IT Staff

        A paper by Principled Technologies, sponsored by Dell EMC.

    • Videos


        Manage your PowerEdge MX with Augmented Reality

        Monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot with augmented reality.


        Introducing OpenManage Mobile and Quick Sync 2

        Discover the new capabilities of OpenManage Mobile and Quick Sync 2.


        Introducing the OpenManage portfolio

        With the Dell EMC OpenManage portfolio, you get intuitive tools that are easily incorporated into your IT environment.

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