• Secure your assets with data-at-rest encryption.

      Dell EMC CloudLink is a flexible data encryption and key management solution for data-at-rest in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Secure and maintain control of your VMs and sensitive data with confidence, whether on premises or in the cloud.

    • Dell EMC CloudLink helps you protect your data by providing:

      • Support for VMware, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services environments
      • Ease of use with a single management interface and REST APIs
      • FIPS 140-2 certified encryption and key management
    • A new flexible approach to secure data for a broad range of public, private and hybrid cloud platforms

    • CloudLink gives you independent control of sensitive data and workloads. Its flexibility and simplicity enable you to leverage a single key management solution for multiple environments and secure your data with confidence.

      CloudLink works with native OS encryption to protect VMs and sensitive data. This provides the assurance of proven encryption to meet security, compliance and regulatory requirements. It also delivers best-in-class performance and avoids the risks associated with proprietary encryption tools.

    • Variety of options and flexibility
      CloudLink supports multiple data-at-rest encryption options and provides policy-based key management to protect sensitive data throughout enterprise cloud environments.

      Virtual machine data encryption
      Multiple VM-level and VxFlex OS encryption options let you control, monitor, and secure Windows and Linux VMs throughout your environment.

      Easily adaptable
      Deploy in new or existing applications without re-architecting.

      VMware-certified key management
      CloudLink is a certified VMware Ready™ Key Management Server (KMS), giving customers granular control of VMs and data.

    • Easily secure your data and meet compliance needs

      Now you can leverage a single offering to secure and manage sensitive data in the cloud and on premises. CloudLink utilizes FIPS 140-2 certified data encryption and key management libraries for modern IT infrastructure requirements.


      CloudLink Data Encryption Resources


      CloudLink Key Management for VMware vCenter Server Configuration Guide

      This Configuration Guide contains procedures to create a trusted connection between CloudLink and a vCenter Server using KMIP.


      Dell EMC CloudLink: Key Management and Encryption for Private, Public, and Hybrid Clouds

      CloudLink SecureVM delivers infrastructure-level encryption and external, policy-based key management that allows you to secure virtual machines in public, private, or hybrid clouds.


      Dell EMC CloudLink™ : Key Management and Encryption for VxFlex OS Software defined, Scale-out SAN

      This handout describes Dell EMC CloudLink™ : Key Management and Encryption for VxFlex OS Software defined, Scale-out SAN.

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