• Digital Transformation and the Leap Ahead

    The Internet of Everything is transforming the way every business operates. Some companies are faring better than others in the race to become a digital business. We asked 4,000 business leaders across 16 countries about where they are on their digital journey. 

    Business leaders see an uncertain future ahead:

    • Digital Transformation Survey

      Businesses are at different points in their transformation journey. Find out where you land on the benchmark and set your company on the path of transformation to meet ever changing demands by your customers.

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  • Digital rescue plan

    Progress is being made, but it is patchy, both across organizations and industries globally. The vast majority (73%) admit digital transformation could be more widespread throughout their organization. Given the acute threat of disruption, businesses are starting to escalate a remedy to advance their digital transformation.

  • 73%


    on the business need to prioritize technology

  • 66%


    to invest in IT infrastructure and digital skills leadership

  • 72%


    their software development capabilities

  • Customers leading the way to Digital Transformation

  • What's trending in Digital Transformation


      Attributes of a successful digital business

      Business leaders agree that the five attributes of a digital business are key to surviving the next decade.


      Digital Transformation: This just in

      Jeremy Burton, CMO of Dell, discusses the survey results and index.


      Reaction to digital disruption

      Dan Newman outlines what business leaders should do to be better prepared for tomorrow.

  • Powering your Digital Transformation

    • IT Transformation

      The hybrid cloud that powers today’s digital business demands a new kind of infrastructure, new delivery models, and entirely new IT processes and culture. 

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    • Workforce Transformation

      The way people work is changing. Getting the most from the modern workforce requires arming them with mobile technology so they can find new ways of serving customers. 

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    • Security Transformation

      The security of your data and devices is paramount to maintaining your competitive advantage. An innovative security solution is a must-have in this era of digital business and mobile workforces. 

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