• Modern Data Center

    • Disruptors in every industry are driving massive change, creating new and vastly improved customer experiences and services. In order to capture these new digital revenue streams, develop smarter products and deliver the improved experiences that customers expect, businesses and IT departments need to undergo significant IT and Digital Transformation. Introducing the Modern Data Center.

      The Modern Data Center begins with IT infrastructure and a fundamental shift from building infrastructure to buying everything possible and building only unique value to your business. Converged Infrastructure reduces the time and the cost of deploying, configuring and managing hardware and software components separately and increases time to value for IT investments.

    • Why Flash for the Modern Data Center?

      Flash dramatically reduces the cost of delivering consistent and predictable low-latency performance. Flash significantly reduces the floor space, power consumption and cooling requirements needed to deliver exceptional storage services with a no compromise approach. As Flash prices continue to drop while capacities increase, Flash will become ubiquitous in the Modern Data Center.

      Why Cloud-Enabled for the Modern Data Center?

      Cloud-Enabled infrastructures are fundamental to the Modern Data Center design. To achieve true agility, speed and efficiency, modern architecture must extend beyond the four walls of your data center. IT must have the ability to deploy, manage and extend information and applications from their data center to a public or enterprise cloud provider, as the business needs dictate. IT needs the flexibility to move those workloads freely between their data centers and cloud providers.

      Why Scale-Out for the Modern Data Center?

      Scale-Out architectural design means IT can deploy systems with a low cost of entry while providing a modular approach to scaling out the infrastructure as requirements evolve. IT can efficiently deploy, scale and manage massive capacities with very few resources. This is critical when dealing with ever-expanding workloads and the need to iterate and expand services in a rapid timeframe.

      Why Software Defined for the Modern Data Center?

      Thanks to developments in API’s and other software features, infrastructure systems are now managed via software. This new software-defined model automates the configuration and deployment of IT services, delivering greater business agility and a more flexible, programmable approach to managing data services. This is essential in optimizing standard IT operations in order to focus greater resources on transformation and innovation.

      How Does Trust Apply to the Modern Data Center?

      Strategic partnerships matter. Customers must be able to trust the systems they leverage and the vendors they do business with. EMC delivers the best in class Modern Data Center platforms, support and services. Thanks to our industry leading Data Protection portfolio and the proven security capabilities of RSA, we can also ensure local and remote data protection with best in class information security and governance.

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