• Manage and mitigate risk around the lifecycle of data

    Understanding how personal data flows within an organization and managing the life cycle of the data is key to enabling an organization to address its GDPR compliance requirements over the long-term. With our own preparations as a use case, we have a suite of products, solutions and services for organizations that can be tailored to their individual requirements, whether they are working on data security, data incident management, recordkeeping, accountability principle, data retention, data minimization, data storage, data discovery or data governance.

    Data Security, the GDPR and Dell

    Dell Data Security can help organizations build a solid data protection strategy, including GDPR readiness.

    Data Security, the GDPR and VMware

    The intrinsic security capabilities within the VMware portfolio can help meet GDPR requirements in key areas.

    Business-driven security, the GDPR and RSA

    RSA Business-Driven Security solutions help organizations address GDPR compliance obligations in key areas.

    Expert and qualified specialists, the GDPR and Secureworks

    Consulting and remediation services can help make your information security program GDPR compliance ready.

    Cloud services and software, the GDPR and Virtustream

    Virtustream cloud services and software help organizations manage security and privacy risk to address GDPR compliance obligations in key areas.