• Customer

      SiS Distribution

    • Industry


    • Offerings

      EMC XtremIO

    • Key Challenges

      Distribution model relies on maximized workflow efficiency. Meeting escalating customer demands required game-changing improvement to SAP performance

    • Outcomes

      Improved backend service speed by 3 times, Reduced SAP response to 3 milliseconds with instant reporting and order status, Eliminated performance bottlenecks

  • Our Approach

    Redefining SAP performance with all-flash storage

    As a distributor of EMC solutions in Thailand, SiS was aware of flash technology and its advantages over traditional hard disk drive (HDD) storage. EMC's Anusorn Bandittummakhun led the implementation, working closely with SiS to conduct comprehensive testing and as a result chose EMC XtremIO all-flash array as the solution to run its SAP environment. In determining the correct configuration with EMC, SiS deployed the Starter X-Brick, which provides five terabytes of capacity.

    • “With XtremIO, running SAP on a flash disk provides thousands of IOPS to deliver consistent, fast performance, resulting in a greatly improved experience for SiS users. We can now provide accurate, real-time information to our employees and customers, and having this agility is core to our business success. Through maximizing the efficiency of the supply chain, we can now respond faster than our competitors.”

      Somchai Sittichaisrichart
      Managing Director, SiS Distribution

  • Outcomes

    Optimizing SAP performance with XtremIO

    With the help of XtremIO, SAP can perform at its best: increasing its performance to SiS users, while significantly reducing its backup and backend service times.

    Improving customer service levels

    By eliminating bottlenecks and accelerating innovation cycles for application rollouts, XtremIO has helped add value to customer relationships. SAP’s reduced response time has enabled instant access to customer orders at any point in time.

    Delivering long-term cost efficiencies

    By reducing its data center footprint and energy consumption, XtremIO is delivering SiS with ongoing cost efficiencies. Inline deduplication has effectively reduced the stored data volume by two thirds, and SiS can scale its capacity without additional space or energy required.