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    • Company: GE
    • Industry: Industrial Internet
    • Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

    GE’s Predix platform helps shape our cities and industries. With sensors anywhere driving insights everywhere, there's no limit to how much smarter we'll work and live.

    Running the world. Digitally.

    Predix powers industries that drive the global economy. By connecting industrial equipment via sensors, analyzing data, and delivering real-time insights, Predix-based apps unleash new levels of performance of both GE and non-GE assets. Continuous data acquisition, coupled with timely response, demands robust and scalable technologies at the edge and onward to the cloud. Predix is built to offer software services that deliver actionable intelligence and effective control.

    “Pivotal Cloud Foundry has given Predix and the GE Intelligent Cities team an incredible assortment of tools and capabilities that allow us to scale real-time data coming off of tens of thousands, if not millions of street lights at one time.”

    Austin Ashe, General Manager, Intelligent Cities by current

    GE’s Predix platform brings more intelligent cities and products to life.

    By 2020, the Internet of Things will comprise over 30 billion devices, growing to over 75 billion in 2025. It will transform cities, hospitals, factories. The way we work, shop and live will fundamentally change. Such exponential growth means enormous potential, and an avalanche of data from a vast array of sources and sensors. Capitalizing on this paradigm shift requires distilling this data into actionable insights.

    Enter Predix: GE’s platform for developing applications for the Industrial Internet is already transforming cities, hospitals and factories. Built on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, Predix offers an operating system for developing, testing and delivering secure software that powers everything from safer jet engines, to more intelligent streets.