• SAN Storage Introduction

    • A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-speed network that provides multiple servers access to consolidated pools of shared, block-level storage.

    • Who uses SAN Storage?

    • Organizations of all sizes use Storage Area Networks (SANs) to increase storage utilization rates (i.e. multiple hosts accessing the storage devices), improve application performance and availability, and to heighten security and data protection capabilities. By presenting storage devices to hosts such that they appear to be locally attached storage, SANs also facilitate the presentation of storage to users.


      Network Attached Storage – Data Storage

      Dell Technologies provides hybrid storage solutions to minimize the burden on IT teams and reduce the cost and complexity of data management.

    • Why should I consider SAN Storage?

    • SANs work by providing block-level, high-speed network access to storage for multiple hosts. By interconnecting hosts, switches, controllers and storage, and using a variety of high-speed, high-reliability communications protocols, SANs can consolidate previous “islands” of storage.

    • Benefits of SAN Storage

    • SANs deliver highly reliable, highly scalable block-level storage solutions, accessible by many hosts. Increased storage utilization rates often drive down storage cost of ownership, while multiple security and reliability features ensure mission critical data is always protected and available. These enterprise-class features make SANs the storage solution of choice for today’s data-driven organizations.


      File Storage – Data Storage

      Dell Technologies provides a family of scale-out, network-attached file storage systems designed to simplify management of the most demanding enterprise file workloads.


      Tiered Storage – Data Storage

      Dell Technologies offers tiered storage solutions to minimize the complexity of managing tiered storage, enabling greater automation and easy scalability.


      Data Migration – Data Storage

      Dell Technologies provides data migration services to help you move data and workloads seamlessly with flexibility and simplicity.