• Melbourne Airport simplifies its environment and delivers maximum efficiencies

      VCE converged infrastructure and EMC storage enables Melbourne Airport to meet 24/7 business demands and increase automation for a seamless customer experience

    • Customer

      Melbourne Airport

    • Industry

      Air Travel

    • Offerings

      VCE Vblock Systems 340 with EMC VNX5600 converged infrastructure solution and EMC Isilon NL-series scale-out storage

    • Key Challenges

      Consolidate and strengthen existing infrastructure
      Guarantee high availability for the business 24/7

      Simplify IT operations management

    • Outcomes

      Delivers foundation for future technologies, simplifies environment, enables rapid service delivery

  • Our Approach

     Simplify environment with Converged Infrastructure

    Melbourne Airport collaborated with EMC and its integration partner Ethan Group. The team delivered innovative technology aligned with the core business requirements of Melbourne Airport to deliver rapid results.

    Melbourne Airport implemented two VCE Vblock® System 340 with a VNX5600 converged infrastructure solution featuring 250 virtual servers and 2.5 petabytes of storage capacity. The solution replaces three separate vendors, with compute and storage now managed as one coherent, stable platform. Once the design was agreed, VCE - the EMC Converged Platforms Division - built a customized platform within 60 days. After the Vblock System was built and delivered it was up and running within hours. The airport deployed two EMC Isilon NL series clusters for production and disaster recovery at two sites. 

    • “Converged infrastructure unifies our storage, compute platform, and networking environment in a way that we’ve never been able to do before. We implemented these pieces of technology really quickly, in partnership with EMC, and we’ve been able to deliver really good outcomes as a result from day one.”

      Paul Bunker, Executive, Business Systems & ICT, Melbourne Airport

  • Outcomes

    Supporting innovation with high availability

    VCE Vblock Systems and EMC Isilon provide Melbourne Airport with guaranteed high availability on key applications such as baggage handling and check-in. This supports the development of Terminal 4 as a fully automated, self-service terminal, and the ability to meet the airport’s projected international growth while continuing to improve service levels.  

    Reducing management while delivering data protection

    EMC Isilon platform via a VCE technology extension has improved the management of CCTV data, providing 3 petabytes of storage across the airport’s 1700 CCTV cameras. EMC Isilon data protection capabilities ensure footage is highly secure and available.  

    Delivering foundation for adopting new technologies

    Deploying Vblock Systems and Isilon meant the airport had the ability to scale out and take on additional workloads quickly at minimum cost. As a result, Terminal 4 did not require new infrastructure, and the IT team could shift its focus to driving further innovation and enabling new features.

    Melbourne Airport currently has 31 active technology projects underway, and building its technology foundations on converged infrastructure enables continued new development of features and automated services to enhance the experience of passengers, airlines, and other stakeholders.