How Smart Clothing Is Changing Healthcare Technology

Smart clothing is making clinical trials patient-friendly while providing more precise, real-time data to healthcare professionals. In the future, physicians may be able to recommend smart shirts for vital signs monitoring and more.

During Uncertainty, Online Meetings Are Keeping Us Connected

As government leaders urge everyone to stay home to limit spread of the coronavirus, people are finding unique ways to stay socially connected to family, friends and classmates through technology.

NLP & AI: Solving Complex Communication Problems

Forecasts show the natural language processing market to grow from $10.2 billion in 2019 to $26.4 billion in 2024. Learn how this technology enables machines to read and understand human language, synthesize data, and derive meaning across a variety of industries.

Automated Rehabilitation: Reducing Recovery Times

Automation may be the future of rehabilitation. By increasing physical therapy motions fivefold, the Harmony robot could revolutionize upper-body recovery.

Using AI to Identify & Help Struggling Students

By analyzing interactions in web-based learning management systems, college advisors can connect to struggling students and help them stay on the path to graduation and future success.

Using Digital Technology to Disconnect & Relax

While there is a perception that technology is in our way of staying in the present, it can do wonders in connecting people to mindfulness in the modern world full of distractions.