• Dell EMC E-Lab gives customers the confidence they need to transform their data centers. As the industry's premier interoperability testing lab, E-Lab qualifies millions of configurations featuring Dell EMC and third-party hardware and software. Using its tremendous resources, E-Lab also tests and qualifies leading-edge cloud, big data, and application mobility solutions so that our customers can quickly and efficiently deploy them in their data centers.


        Proven Interoperability

        E-Lab has tested and qualified millions of different data center configurations, giving you the confidence you need to deploy leading-edge technologies


        Foundation of Dell EMC proven solutions

        E-Lab tests and qualifies EMC Proven Solutions, which address your most pressing business needs


        Cloud and Big Data Assurance

        E-Lab has the resources necessary to test game-changing virtualization, cloud, big data, and application mobility configurations, helping you to accelerate your journey to the cloud.


      • Increase the success of your EMC networked storage implementation by leveraging practical experience and best practices from EMC E-Lab. The following EMC technical books (techbooks) and reference manuals supplement existing product documentation with real-world implementation examples, hints, and tips.

      • EMC TechBooks


        Backup and recovery in SAN

        Provides information on traditional backup and recovery architecture, storage area network (SAN)-based backup and recovery technologies, and disk and tape backup and recovery. The case studies used in this document are distributed by EMC for informational purposes only.


        Building secure SANs

        Identifies and exemplifies common SAN security attacks, presents built-in and bolt-on mechanisms to enhance SAN security, and provides insight on how to implement product-specific security mechanisms.


        Extended distance technologies

        Provides a basic understanding of distance extension technologies and information to consider when working with extended distance. It includes Internet protocol (IP)-based distance extension solutions.


        FCoE data center bridging (DCB) case studies

        Focuses on case studies with a brief overview of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) along with supported configurations and features and information on how to incorporate EMC Connectrix B switches, Cisco Nexus switches, and blade servers using FCoE into an existing data center.


        Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Data Center Bridging (DCB) Concepts and Protocols TechBook

        Introduction to FCoE and various aspects and protocols involved with typical Ethernet environment. FCoE connectivity and storage in an FCoE environment, RecoverPoint and Celerra MPFS as solutions, and basic troubleshooting techniques included.


        Fibre Channel SAN topologies

        Discusses simple and complex Fibre Channel SAN topologies with a high-level overview of Fibre Channel SAN topologies, case studies for Brocade Virtual Fabrics and EMC RecoverPoint, and fiber connectivity (FICON) connectivity.


        iSCSI SAN topologies

        Provides a high-level overview of Internet small computer system interface (iSCSI) SAN topologies and includes basic information about TCP/IP technologies and iSCSI solutions.


        Managing data center connectivity

        Offers insight into options available for managing your data center connectivity including new software management tools developed to bridge the gap in the I/O consolidation environment.


        Networked storage concepts and protocols

        Provides fundamental information about Fibre Channel, fabric design considerations, how SAN technology works, and IP SAN concepts. It also discusses extended distance technologies and solutions.


        Storage virtualization and replication technologies

        Supplies a high-level overview of storage virtualization and replication including EMC Invista, EMC RecoverPoint, and EMC VPLEX. It also covers SAN connectivity for Invista and RecoverPoint along with basic information on interswitch link hops and examples showing hop counts in four different fabric configurations.


        WAN optimization controller technologies

        Provides a high-level overview of wide area network (WAN) optimization controllers (WOC) including network and deployment topologies, storage and replication application, Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) configurations, and WOC appliances.

      • EMC Reference Manuals