• Cloud-Native Applications

    • A next generation distributed application architecture that uses open, common standards and that is dynamic in nature and highly scalable.

    • Why are cloud-native applications being developed?

      Application Development teams are building cloud-native applications in order to reduce costs, improve how they deploy applications, and focus on generating value for their customers.

      What are the benefits of cloud-native applications?

      The benefits of cloud-native applications include;

      • Operability: A cloud-native approach supports an organization's transition to a DevOps methodology that will improve the deployment and support of applications.
      • Scalability: With the use of micro-services, cloud-native applications can scale and recover services independently and as needed.
      • Speed: By using cloud-native application platforms, you enable developers to integrate their testing systems with production rollouts, giving you the result of faster feedback loops and the possibility of continuous delivery and deployment.
      • Open: cloud-native applications often leverage open-source technologies and focus on transparency and interoperability.
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