• CIIC transforms business with IT-as-a-service strategy delivered on Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

      EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud drives continuous business innovation

    • Customer

      China International Intellectech Corporation (CIIC)

    • Industry

      Federal Government

    • Offerings

      EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

      EMC Data Protection Suite

      VMware Horizon View

      EMC Global services

    • Key Challenges

      Performance bottlenecks and inefficiencies prevented efficient service delivery
      Inability to predict and plan future IT capacity and requirements for different businesses

    • Outcomes

      All infrastructure virtualized on Enterprise Hybrid Cloud platform, Transformed infrastructure into IT-as-a-Service (ITaas), Reduced IT operating expenses.

  • Our Approach

    Transforming business with hybrid cloud solution

    The EMC account team consisted of EMC Account Manager, Bi Yuanqing, Client Solution Director, Wu Yuping, Cloud Architect, Neal Zhang, and EHC Solutions Principal, Michael Shi. The team worked with different business units within CIIC to start their ITaaS journey and build a transformation plan around technology, systems, people, and applications. During the consultation stage, the team helped CIIC determine its strategic goals and develop a phased approach. During implementation, EMC ensured CIIC met all project milestones through efficient project management and deployment.

    EMC demonstrated how VMware end-user computing could protect the data and intellectual property of CIIC and mitigate its risk dramatically. As a result, CIIC chose to implement the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud platform. The deployment took only two months to complete - from research to implementation.

  • “Our vision for IT is that regardless of whether it is our employee or a customer, individuals will always feel that there is a powerful team behind them, to ensure that their business receives the services needed or gains the perfect delivery. I believe that the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is an excellent converged platform for our vision.”

    Cao Yun, Director, IT Department, CIIC Shanghai
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  • Outcomes

    Improving agility delivers services on-demand

    The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud platform enabled the successful implementation of the company’s ITaaS strategy. Offering ITaaS empowers users to secure resources and applications on-demand from both public and private clouds using a self-service portal. Consolidating management tools into a single centralized view means CIIC gains increased visibility into the business, leading to more accurate decisions and continuous innovation. 

    Enhancing customer service with rapid provisioning

    The self-service portal means CIIC can predict future IT capacity and demands, and IT can respond quickly to changing requirements. Products can be developed quickly on a single platform to meet changing global demands. With the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud in place, it now takes CIIC just minutes to provision resources versus two to three weeks. This reduces time to market for new business services by 65% and thus results in savings.

    Reducing risks and costs through standardization

    With the help of the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, moving to a virtual desktop environment protects the company’s data and intellectual property. An estimated cost savings of 60% achieved across CIIC enables funds to be redeployed to drive new innovation in the business.