• Brownes simplifies operations and gains productivity

      VCE converged infrastructure and EMC storage enable Brownes to integrate new businesses and meet complex workflows for improved productivity and efficiency

    • Customer


    • Industry


    • Offerings

      VCE Vblock Systems 300 with an EMC VNX converged infrastructure solution

    • Key Challenges

      Consolidate and scale infrastructure for new business acquisitions, reduce operating costs, support critical end-to-end business functions

    • Outcomes

      Supports long-term growth, simplifies environment, delivers cost-efficiencies and improved productivity

  • Our Approach

    Converged infrastructure meets diverse demands

    Brownes partnered with VCE and its integration partner Vocus Communications. Vocus’ existing relationship with VCE - EMC’s Converged Platforms Division - and its use of Vblock® Systems offered the additional support and integration Brownes needed throughout the migration process.

    The solution consists of VCE Vblock System 300 with EMC converged infrastructure and Cisco thin clients. It supports integrated SCADA, factory automation, ERP, office and production systems as well as end-to-end electronic receivables, scheduling, production, and dispatch. Partnering with Vocus and VCE meant the entire environment was up and running in six months, enabling Brownes to implement its new business processes.

    Brownes’ entire IT infrastructure is located at Vocus data centers, with diverse fibre linking back to the Brownes sites for reliability. With the relocation to a Vocus data center, Brownes replaced their Alcatel on-premises PBX system with a hosted and managed service provided by Vocus, further improving efficiency.

    • “The capabilities and reliability of the new system has freed up some of my time, meaning I can focus on the things that really matter, like managing my teams and delivering the best outcome for our internal customers.”

      Brad Flintoff, IT Manager, Brownes

  • Outcomes

    Supporting long-term growth

    Vblock converged infrastructure with EMC storage provides Brownes with high availability and seamless integration for the applications and systems acquired through the business acquisitions of Western Fresh and Casa Dairy. New business processes meet the challenging demands of its complex workflows.

    Delivering cost-efficiencies and a clearer focus

    The Vblock converged infrastructure with EMC storage has resulted in a significant reduction in operating costs. With the infrastructure able to scale to meet all production demands, Brownes has no unplanned capital outlay for physical infrastructure. Being able to keep its headcount low has delivered further efficiencies for Brownes. Even though IT is essential to 100 percent of the business, an IT team of four can support a staff of 400. IT staff now spend more time adding value to the business.

    Improving productivity across the company

    Deploying Vblock Systems and EMC storage has been popular with staff by enabling remote access from anywhere in the world to improve their flexibility and productivity. As a result, there was a massive uptake of the new systems across the company and its new businesses.