There’s a highly effective, new way to utilize IT. Front and center.

    • Transforming IT departments into a strategic advantage is no longer a fantasy, it’s the norm. Organizations of every size have repositioned IT to become a primary driver of innovation. You start by modernizing your infrastructure. That alone lets you see and pursue opportunities immediately.


        Multi-cloud approach. Multiple advantages.

        Transform IT into a strategic advantage with our multi-cloud approach. We use consistent building blocks in our process as well as full automation. The result? A secure IT experience and next-level capabilities that let you pursue opportunities you never would have considered.

      • 16x

        Transformed IT makes organizations 16 times as likely to have other high-value transformation initiatives underway2


        Unlock data. Power new initiatives. Repeat.

        Modern service delivery lets you unlock data and use it to power your highest-value initiatives. You can fine tune objectives on the fly and feel confident that all your decisions begin and end with data. The capabilities you’ll gain will put IT at the center of your organization’s innovation efforts and drive strategic business advantages continuously.

      • 70%

        increase in new customer acquisition is possible for organizations that transformed IT3


      Work with one company that can make IT transformation real

      Dell Technologies can meet all your unique needs

    • Dell Technologies can meet all your unique needs


        Modern infrastructure

        Deliver intrinsically secure, cloud-enabled infrastructure that is simple to deploy and easy to manage.

      • Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure

        Simplify and future-proof IT quickly. Multiply ROI.

      • Dell EMC Cloud Solutions

        All cloud infrastructures, platforms, consumption models, services.

      • VMware Cloud Foundation

        Integrated compute, storage, networking, security. Private and public environments.


        Modern and consistent operations

        Leverage automation, consistent building blocks, and a multi-cloud approach to provide a robust and secure IT experience.

      • Dell Technologies Cloud

        Simplify operations and improve cloud economics through a consistent management experience across clouds.

      • VMware vRealize Operations

        Unified platform, proactive planning, deploy, scale, intelligent remediation.

      • Pivotal Cloud Foundry

        Unified, multi-cloud platform to run all your enterprise apps.


        Modern service delivery

        Enable your organization to unlock the value of data and create new strategic business and operational capabilities.

      • VMware vRealize Automation

        Automation tools and pre-defined policies accelerate IT services.

      • Pivotal Cloud Foundry

        Unified, multi-cloud platform to run all your enterprise apps.

      • Dell Boomi

        Scalable integration platform accelerates business information flow.