• Edge and Internet of Things

    Get an edge on your IoT future

    Unlock the full potential of IoT data and fuel faster, more accurate decisions than your competition. With our solutions, you can become a digital organization powered by data -- ready for today and tomorrow.

    • Edge analytics enables insights that keep you ahead

      Edge IoT data can be a powerful source of insight. Learn how modern organizations stay competitive by moving analytics to the edge.

    • We help you get an edge in four key ways

    • Solutions for Edge and IoT

      Get solutions that make IoT work in the real world


      Engineered Solutions

      Our enterprise-grade IoT Solution for Safety and Security leverages computer vision and machine intelligence to deliver strong safety and high business value from day one.


      Tailored Engagement

      Work with us for a customized experience focused on your unique business objectives and challenges.


      Connected Bundles

      Deploy IoT faster and with minimal risk by leveraging our use-case specific and market proven IoT Connected Bundles, available exclusively through our partners.

    • Customer Stories



      Real-Time And Worldwide Fine Tuning Of Manufacturing Processes



      Transforming from physical to digital for a better customer experience.



      Enabling a turnkey IoT solution for small-to-medium manufacturers. 


      Conserve It

      Improve quality and yield by monitoring – and controlling, if desired – your production line in real time.

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