• Transform your business with data

    Digital transformation means unprecedented growth opportunity for vertical solutions providers, and success will belong to those that partner with an OEM with a digital transformation-ready portfolio to leverage data and technology to their advantage.

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  • Unlock the hidden value of data in your solutions

    Design solutions that can scale to meet any demand, so you can increase the value of data for your business and your customers.

  • Scale capacity


    Grow your solutions beyond the appliance, from terabytes of data to petabytes, with our innovative storage portfolio.



    Maximize application performance and availability by matching the right data solution to your solution’s requirements.

  • Reshape your business


    Transform your business with valuable insights from big data and analytics: improve customer satisfaction, gain competitive advantage and expand to new markets.

  • Transform your business with digital transformation ready solutions

    Deliver your solution in a cloud-like environment while keeping control over data and cost. Scale beyond the appliance from terabytes to petabytes and leverage big data and analytics to transform your business with valuable insights.