• The Right Technology:

    The Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack Platform

    This open, secure, reliable and supported solution is built on validated, integrated components and features rapid, automated provisioning to simplify and speed deployment — so you can take advantage of cloud benefits sooner.


      Respond faster to business and market demands.

      Swiftly deploy and scale cloud infrastructure with a solution bundle that simplifies and speeds deployment with cutting-edge cloud services and automation.



      Get the stability and reliability your environment demands.

       Dell EMC and Red Hat have collaborated to address gaps in OpenStack and deliver a highly stable, reliable and supported cloud infrastructure.


      Simplify cloud management.

      The Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack Platform streamlines and removes the complexities of OpenStack deployment and its operating environment with an easy-to use management interface.

  • Dell EMC OpenStack Firsts

    • 1st to co-engineer an OpenStack cloud solution, July 2011
    • 1st SPEC Cloud IaaS benchmark
    • 1st to deliver instance high availability, host live migration with containers
    • 1st to integrate high availability Ceph object storage and software defined storage architecture
    • 1st OpenStack configuration supporting concurrent multiple storage back-ends via Cinder
  • Extend, enhance and customize the core cloud infrastructure

    with validated and documented extensions that let you adopt OpenStack community-based innovation with leading OpenStack cloud technologies.

    • Docker container support and Containers as a Service (CaaS) with OpenShift Container Platform.
    • Multi-cloud management, including self-service provisioning, monitoring, policy and governance with CloudForms®
    • Chargeback and showback capabilities with CloudForms reporting
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS) with CloudForms and OpenShift integration
  • By the numbers

    The Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack Platform makes an impact.

    • Cut Licensing Fees by up to


    • Avoid potentially


      in infrastructure costs

    • Reduce cycle times from 30 days to just

      12 Hours