• To innovate and compete in today’s digital economy, more companies are transforming IT with converged and hyper-converged infrastructure. A study by the Edison Group explores 5 powerful benefits of hyper-converged IT.

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    Reduce data center footprint

    Adding numerous servers and storage units to support rapid expansion can lead to data center sprawl. Move to a hyperconverged solution to bring together the disparate infrastructure elements that power IT applications for an environmentally friendly option that takes up much less space.

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    Simplify system management

    As your infrastructure grows, any cost savings you gain from commoditised hardware is quickly overshadowed by the complexity of managing and supporting disparate systems. Go hyper-converged and centralise operations management from a single pane of glass for faster, simpler IT.

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    Automate operations

    Streamline operations through automation with a hyper-converged infrastructure that is self-contained, fully integrated and provided by one vendor. Start automating time-consuming tasks and processes so you can free up your IT staff to focus on driving innovation and improving time to market for new services.

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    Support rapid provisioning

    Move to hyper-converged IT and rapidly provision new systems and virtual machines at the speed today’s digitally-driven customers demand. The larger your organisation, the more relevant rapid provisioning becomes so you can continuously meet expectations while staying within your IT budget.

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    Improve data protection

    Enhance data protection with the centralised nature of hyper-converged infrastructure that offers built-in security and data handling policies. Respond to issues quickly using a centralised console with data protection, backup and recovery integrated into the infrastructure.

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  • Transform IT and drive business results.

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    Download the full Edison Group white paper on the benefits of hyper-converged