• Analyst firm IDC cites that IT organisations can accelerate IT Transformation with a server refresh that will increase agility, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. Modernise IT by refreshing your servers and start seeing real results:

  • 1

    Reduce IT infrastructure costs

    A server’s operating costs in years 4-6 are 10x higher than the initial acquisition cost of the server. Maintaining shorter, consistent refresh cycles helps lower infrastructure-related costs, including maintenance, power and facilities, by up to 61%.

  • 2

    Lower IT staff time and costs

    A server in year six requires 181% more staff time to manage as compared to year one. Three-year server refresh cycles can reduce the time and money spent on managing tactical provisioning, operations and break-fix activities by 59%.

  • 3

    Improve user productivity

    Productivity losses due to unplanned application outages are reduced by 78% over three years.

  • 4

    Boost business results

    Organisations have the potential to realise over $123,000 in additional revenue per server, per year by taking advantage of the higher performance, improved agility and greater scalability of new servers.

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    Read the complete IDC white paper: Accelerate Business Agility with Faster Server Refresh Cycles