• “We like to say that the information that flows with each package is as important as the package itself. We ship about 19 million packages a day but we also have about 100 million tracking requests … and all of those tracking requests equate to big data in a really kind of remarkable way. We were actually doing big data before the term existed.” 

    Dan McMakin, Public Relations, UPS

  • What you’ll hear in this episode

      • What happens when parents mail their children (really!)
      • How UPS took package delivery off the rails
      • The classy uniforms for UPS? No accident.
      • Did you know UPS is only 40 years old?
      • How a strike changed the way the Postal Service operated forever
      • What airline deregulation led to the rise of FedEx
      • How does a UPC work?
      • The great bottleneck, and the last mile problem.
      • Let’s talk about drones and how they’ll cut costs like crazy.
      • Feeling Flirtey?
      • Amazon’s big bet on technology as a whole.
      • Who controls the skies? And will they let drones in?
      • From across the country in 28 days, to your doorstep in less than 2 hours

  • Guest list


      Evan Bakker

      Is a Senior Associate at L2 - a digital benchmarking firm who analyzes disruptive technologies in the retail industry.


      George J. Laurer

      Invented the Universal Product Code (UPC barcode) while working as engineer for IBM in 1973.


      Devin Leonard

      Is a staff writer for Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine and the author of Neither Snow Nor Rain - a history of the United States Postal Service.


      Dan McMackin

      Dan McMackin started his career loading trucks at the United Parcel Service (UPS). He is now a spokesperson for the company.


      Matthew Sweeny

      Is the CEO and founder of Flirtey - a drone delivery service. 

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