• Dell Technologies Marine Type Approved IT solutions are built to the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency and are specially engineered for use in the marine and offshore industries. The portfolio includes servers, IoT gateways, embedded box PCs, workstation and networking solutions designed to comply with classification standards for temperature, humidity, vibration, electro-magnetic compatibility and enclosure location classes.

    • Dell Technologies is setting the standards that enable companies serving the maritime markets

    • OptiPlex XE3

      OptiPlex XE3


      The OptiPlex XE3 has earned its sea legs with marine certification under its belt, offering the maritime industry performance, durability and long life of up to five years.

    • PowerEdge XR2

      PowerEdge XR2

      Technology for the worlds toughest industries

      The Dell Technologies PowerEdge XR2 server delivers long life for space constrained, harsh environments without compromising on performance. Bring enterprise-class technology to the edge.

    • Dell Security Solutions

      Security Transformation

      We believe in security that never slows you down and instead accelerates innovation, allowing you to think in new, strategic ways and seize opportunity. Security evolves with workforce powered by RSA, Absolute and AirWatch.

    • Ocean-bound Plastics: Breaking cycles

      Ocean-bound Plastics: Breaking cycles

      8 million tones of plastic enter the ocean every year. Dell wants to help break this cycle by keeping plastics in the economy aand  has created a new supply chain that recovers ocean-bound plastics, putting them back into our packaging instead of letting them wash out to sea.

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