• Zeus is a powerful banking Trojan with VNC plugin, Man-In-The-Browser scripts, injections, report filters, and user-mode rootkit features. Active in the wild since 2007, the Zeus Trojan was developed by a Russian team of malware writers led by the Trojan's steward - "Slavik." Zeus was not the first commercially available Trojan, but it is definitely the first robust cybercrime tool that was aimed at the financial industry with laser-sharp precision. Zeus was the undisputed ruler of the cybercrime arena; its status was not even affected after its source code was given away to another known malware coder or even its public leak. Zeus v1 and v2 variants are still the most prolific banking Trojan today. The only true threat to Zeus is the Citadel Trojan, which in itself was developed over the Zeus v2 source and released commercially in early 2012. The Zeus Trojan is believed to have caused financial losses of more than $1 billion globally in the last five years.