• Storage as a Service (STaaS)

    • Storage as a service is a business model in which a company rents space in their storage infrastructure to another company or individual.

    • Who uses storage as a service and why?

      Storage as a Service is usually used by small or mid-sized companies that lack the budget to implement and maintain their own storage infrastructure.

      Organizations use storage as a service to mitigate risks in disaster recovery, provide long-term retention and enhance business continuity and availability.

      How storage as a service works?

      The company would sign a service level agreement (SLA) whereby the STaaS provider agreed to rent storage space on a cost-per-gigabyte-stored and cost-per-data-transfer basis and the company's data would be automatically transferred at the specified time over the storage provider's proprietary WAN or the Internet. If the company ever loses its data, the network administrator could contact the STaaS provider and request a copy of the data.

      Benefits of storage as a service?

      • More predictable costs by shifting from CapEx and OpEx.
      • Ability to manage growth and optimize performance.
      • Simplified storage environment and increased information availability, retention, and compliance.
      • Adaptive delivery models with onsite and remote management.
      • Flexible consumption models aligned to customers’ business needs.
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