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      01: Lights... Camera... Disruption

      Duration: 33:21

      How the movie Jaws and a $40 late fee led to a complete disruption of the entertainment industry as we know it.


      02: Developing Disruption

      Duration: 29:18

      In this episode about photography, host Walter Isaacson explores how the disruptors can become the disrupted – and vice versa.


      03: A Slice of Disruption

      Duration: 26:40

      One simple viral video drove a pizza company to reinvent itself as a tech company. Walter Isaacson tells the story in this episode of Trailblazers.


      04: Disruption: Game On

      Duration: 33:58

      In this week’s Trailblazers, Walter Isaacson explores the immersive experiences and unlikely victors of the volatile video game industry.