• Great things come in threes

    World’s most secure commercial PC.*

    World’s most manageable commercial PC.*

    Lowest reported failure rate.

    Soluciones de Dell e Intel®‎


      With a combination of innovative IT solutions with trusted devices, our commercial PCs help protect data at all times.


      Data security

      Data is protected on the device, in the cloud and on USB drives – safe wherever it goes.


      Product security

      Makes data, threat and identity processes safer by transacting many of the processes in the hardware layer as opposed to software layer.


      Supply chain assurance

      We’re founded on supply chain excellence, and we apply that same ethic to ensuring no embedded malware or counterfeit components exist.



      Our Client Command Suite automates and streamlines client deployments, configurations, monitoring and updates.



      System deployment, configuration and monitoring updates.



      Across the globe, regardless of your admin console.



      Your hardware investments and productivity by reducing time sent on manual, error prone tasks.



      State-of-the-art testing and support services means you can always depend on our PCs.


      Rigorous reliability testing

      Exceeds real-life requirements, with testing beyond the system-level and down to the individual components.


      Resolving issues

      Together with ProSupport Services, Dell’s Client Quality & Reliability data and tools detect and resolve issues faster than our competitors.


      Customers in mind

      Dell Client Systems are designed and developed to meet quality specifications based on actual customer-usage of products.

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    • *Based on Dell internal analysis, August 2017. †Based on Dell Failure Rate Analysis, December 2017. ‡Savings are estimates based on a Dell analysis comparing costs of several system management cost scenarios, such as OS deployment, power management and BIOS changes. Cost projections based on U.S. data dated 2007-2016. For more information, talk to your Dell Sales Representative. §Based on Mar 2016 Principled Technologies test report, “Dell SupportAssist Provided Proactive Support for Hard Drive Failure”, commissioned by Dell. Testing conducted in the United States. Actual results will vary. Full report: http://facts.pt/Cr3tEy