How AI helps to identify customer sentiment at Dell Technologies

My name is Petra Lajgutova and I’m a SAM at Dell Technologies.

I have worked at Dell since April 2020, and our customer survey always remained constant. All customers can give their feedback to our team in Dell Technologies.

With a dozen specific questions, all our customers are asked to rate our value-add to ensure we evolve our offerings in the right direction and to understand the true sentiment.

You may ask how we analyze your sentiment.

The answer is with the support of artificial intelligence (AI).

Besides the overall score, ratings for interaction, benefits, communication and acumen, the comments are data-mined by self-learning software. This program is coded in such a way that it can identify if the wording has a positive or negative sentiment.

An example would be that words like “nice”, “gentle” and “good” are identified positively. By splitting the comment box into different phrases, the program rates each phrase individually whether is positive, neutral, or negative. Over time the program recognizes more words, which gives a certain sentiment.

Besides “gentle”, similar words such as “gently” or “good-better-best” are also seen in the same positive sentiment. With more data and surveys, the program is getting smarter and smarter and provides a clear picture of the customer sentiment within the survey.

In combination with the rating on the other questions, my colleagues and I are getting enriched data to deeper understand how satisfied our customers are within minimum time. Initially, the data analytics took weeks, now it is close to a day.

So, with your next Dell Technologies survey, we are looking forward to your response.

Petra Lajgutova

About the Author: Petra Lajgutova

In this role, she supports customers in United Kingdom in their journey with all the services included within ProSupport Plus entitlement level. Her main goal is to build and enhance the relationship with her customers, and make sure she delivers day-by-day service delivery excellence. She has a background in Operational Excellence and Customer Care and has been working in both the IT world and luxury retail. She is passionate about innovation and technology.