• Take control of unstructured data

      DataIQ, an unstructured dataset management and insights software, empowers organizations to identify, classify and move data between heterogeneous storage systems and the cloud. With a unified file system view of Isilon, ECS, third-party platforms and the cloud, DataIQ delivers unique insights into data usage and storage capacity, while providing content owners with self-service capabilities to move data on demand.

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    • DataIQ unstructured dataset management and insights

      Unstructured dataset management and insights software

      DataIQ delivers a unified view of all file and object data in the data center, off-premises and in the cloud.

      • High speed scan and search capabilities across heterogenous systems
      • Reporting on data usage, storage costs, user access patterns and more
      • Supports data tagging and precision data mover capabilities 

    • Bring IT and business users together to unlock the value of data

      • DataIQ is a multi-purpose tool designed to deliver advanced capabilities to a broad range of stakeholders within the organization. Using advanced tracking and reporting features, IT administrators can conduct intelligent data analysis, manage storage costs, rapidly locate files and accurately report on the usage of storage infrastructure.

        For content creators, DataIQ delivers instant search and on-demand data mover features, enabling them to manage their own data based on relevant business context. Across the board, users are empowered to discover, understand and act on novel data insights only made possible by DataIQ.


        Discover: Locate data across billions of files and view it all through a single pane of glass.


        Understand: Gain deep insights into data characteristics and classify it with customizable tags.


        Act: Make more informed decisions, delegate access and move data to the right storage volume.

    • DataIQ unstructured dataset management software

      Customer Story

      Media and entertainment organization turbo-charges data management

      Learn how this organization improved productivity, accelerated search results and simplified dataset management to meet the growing demand for digital production and pipeline delivery.

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      Learn about general performance tips and common installation steps to simplify the deployment of DataIQ software. 


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      Read how DataIQ auto-tagging helps businesses identify and tag data in terms that are meaningful to business processes.

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