From the lab to the clinic to the operating room, your healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) customers require innovative technology and a pragmatic approach to transform the way they work and deliver care. The Dell Technologies OEM Embedded & Edge team is here to help deliver on this promise with HCLS products and solutions, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Today Dell Technologies works with more than 6000 hospitals worldwide - 7 out of 10 pharmaceutical companies - and provides OEM services to more than 70 HCLS software, medical device and scientific instrument providers who help transform HCLS into the digital era.

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  • Our vision to advance healthcare into the digital era can help you


      Security Transformation

      Dell EMC OEM enables you to provide comprehensive security solutions from the bed side to the cloud to the core.


      Shorten time to market

      Dell EMC OEM adds capacity, experience and engineering talent across every development phase so you can innovate faster and accelerate time to revenue.


      Reduce costs and complexity.

      Leverage Dell EMC’s global supply chain, facilities and logistics to reach new markets and drive local and global consistency in your solutions.

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