Behold. Data that transforms your health.

    • Company: Partners HealthCare
    • Industry: Health Care
    • Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

    Partners HealthCare provides researchers and clinicians with a data lake and analytical tools to conduct sophisticated research, develop new insights, and advance health care innovation.

    Data offers new hope to transforming health.

    By 2020, humanity will have generated more than 2,314 exabytes of medical data, requiring storage equivalent to that on laptops stretching halfway to the moon. Partners HealthCare is relentlessly exploring more and more of these data. New technologies have allowed Partners HealthCare to do this quickly and efficiently, further enabling effective collaboration across the organization.

    “With the Dell EMC solution, we can aggregate data across many patients in order to learn more through analytics so that we can develop models that can predict how best to treat the next patient.”


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