Meet Nigel Moulton, keynote speaker for Dell EMC Forum 2017

The future is here. Organisations can no longer keep rationalising the technology directions that were once brilliant, but today represent the dragging legacy of technical debt. The performance of applications sit close to the momentum of the business. If organisations hope to take the reigns of data analytics, mobile services, the cloud, software defined solutions and more, they have to revisit their technology and culture.

“We see a huge set of challenges around siloed organisations that are not easily coming together in terms of how different people in operational teams work together to deliver IT to the business,” said Nigel Moulton, EMEA CTO at VCE, part of the Dell EMC Federation of companies.

Moulton, a veteran with more than 25 years in the IT and telecommunications industry, will appear as keynote speaker at the Dell EMC Forum 2017 this March in Johannesburg. He has experienced this transition in the business landscape from the view of numerous businesses and will be exploring his views on approaching the challenges of starting digital transformation. Moulton will look at how organisations can take advantage of data, cloud, mobile, software-defined technologies, converged infrastructure and more to boost their applications and other business drivers, while taking back control of their budgets.

Tackling the technology component of this transformation is daunting. But Moulton places even more emphasis on organisational transformation: how IT teams and structures can be realigned to help their companies step onto the third platform. The two go hand-in-hand.

“The challenges you face are broadly the same faced by IT professionals in other countries and industries,” Moulton told attendees at THINK Cloud for Health. “It comes down by and large to culture. The cultural change that is required within people to drive organisational change, because without organisational change, you can’t drive the way people work and consume services. But don’t think you’re alone in this.”

Moulton will be exploring these themes both in his keynote speech as well as more directly with attendees of the Dell EMC Forum 2017, held on 9th March 2017 at the Sandton International Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

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