Learn how technology is creating a revolution at the Dell EMC Forum 2017

Learn how technology is creating a revolution at the Dell EMC Forum 2017

Pull back the curtain of modern companies and you’ll find the world is undergoing a massive evolution. Technologies such as the Cloud, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are not technology buzzwords. These and other new digital breakthroughs are changing what is possible.

Medical science is using cloud computing to do supercomputer calculations without the wait or huge bills. The taxi routes of Cape Town have been mapped with Internet of Things technologies. Artificial intelligence is being used to search police body camera footage and even pinpoint potential re-offenders.

Just as the bicycle and then automobile boosted our ability to travel further and do business with a longer reach, new digital technologies have unlocked previously-unimaginable levels of commerce and industry. Facebook serves over a billion users every day, an impossible feat if it weren’t for these new technologies. But even if a business’ customer numbers are far more modest, they face a new world of real-time information, predicting the future and unbelievable efficiencies. Imagine if security cameras could identify regular customers or a computer authors an annual report in minutes, in natural English? These are not just possible – they are happening right now.

The power of the new digital era is incredible, which is why nobody should be left behind. At the Dell EMC Forum 2017, held on 9 March in Sandton, the world’s largest private IT company will meet with business leaders and influencers to discuss what these technologies do and how companies can transform to use that power.

Attendees will interact with numerous top speakers, experts and industry peers, discussing and experiencing the trends of the Cloud Landscape and Data Analytics, two technologies that fuel most of the breakthroughs powering modern societies and enterprises. Culture changes in companies are vital if they want to successfully adopt such technologies, so the challenge of Workforce Transformation will be explored. But this revolution is nothing without the right support, thus Dell EMC will also offer opportunities to learn the latest about Modern Infrastructure and the potency of Converged Systems.

There are two very important takeaways concerning this evolution. First, its impact is completely reshaping society. Just look at smartphones to see proof of that. Second, it cannot be built overnight. Using these breakthroughs requires a long-term view. Any company leaving its transformation to the last minute is more likely to go extinct than stay in business.

Join Dell EMC at the Dell EMC Forum 2017: Let the Transformation Begin, hosted on 9 March 2017 at the Sandton International Convention Centre, Johannesburg. Arrange to meet technology and business experts, both from Dell EMC and among our illustrious guests. Learn more about the technologies that makes everything before seem archaic.

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