E-Sports in the Middle East

There is no doubt that E-Sports is a phenomena that is gradually being accepted by the greater population. Bravado Gaming management team stopped over in Dubai and decided to investigate some of the e-sports scene and it’s gaming eco-system.

The Famous City

The United Arab Emirates, with one of its most famous cities, Dubai, is well known for being an extremely wealthy state and city with drastic advances in architectural, industrial and technological fields. An area which has previously been somewhat of an unchartered territory for the country is gaming and moreover, Esports. With Esports growing at such a rapid rate, visionaries and lovers of development have been drawn to it like moths to a bulb.

One of these visionaries is the crown prince of the UAE, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It comes as no surprise that a young intellectual would identify the potential for development of previously unsupported local and international talent as well as the attraction of tourists and income associated with any popular activity.

The E-Sports Stadium

It was recently announced that Hamdan has endorsed the development of an Esports focused stadium in Dubai which will be called Dubai X-Stadium. Dubai Media Office and TECOM Group are the two players associated with this initiative and they plan to make Dubai the world capital for Esports. With the economy itself being in such a young stage as well as the population being relatively young, the Middle Eastern Region is the future of Esports, especially with the financial backing and planning ability of large companies and organizations.

Technology companies who have already established themselves in the Middle Eastern Region and have shown interest in the areas development will play a vital role in the success of this initiative. We’re lucky that the brands who have positioned themselves in the limelight for this development are the leaders in the industry. Both Dell and Alienware have a considerably large market share in the region and a high regard is held for them. Intel obviously being the best of the best is revered and enjoyed by millions in the region and Esports will shine an even brighter light on the performance and raw capability of their processors.

For the Dubai X-Stadium and its plan for the future of Esports and technology to succeed, they will require the most powerful machines on the planet. Dell and Alienware are currently in the process of raising the bar in the META Region (Middle-East, Turkey, Africa) as far as gaming is concerned and together with the efforts of Intel, we at Bravado Gaming are the forerunners and representatives of this development. Our partners have placed their trust in us and in you, our fans, to prove to the world that the META Region has talent, incredible talent at that.

This is what Bravado Gaming CEO, Andreas Hadjipaschali had to say:

I recently visited Dubai for business and I was taken to a few gaming centres in the city. What I can say is that I was astonished at the potential, the passion and the love for e-sports that exists. Dubai is in quite a different situation from what I gathered. I noticed that alot more offline gaming takes place, rather than online which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I think this allows for consistent interaction and face-to-face participation, which is great. The region is definitely progressing with their love for e-sports and I can’t wait to see the future developments as we all know, when Dubai invests, they invest hard.

I also had a chat to the executives from DELL and INTEL UAE and they can see the vision of where social and competitive gaming is going. With this being said, it’s great to know that they’re onboard and working hard towards the movement. Once again this puts Dell, Alienware and Intel at the top of the game when it comes down to social and competitive gaming development.

Game Popularity

So, what are the competitive gaming titles that are the most popular in the UAE? Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, Fortnite and PUBG to name a few. Some of the best PUBG players in the world are from the UAE and consistently place in the top 100 on European servers. Perhaps the best known Esports-team to hail from the Middle East is Valour eSports. They have over 30 members of their competitive gaming division and they all earn well paying salaries and compete in events with big prize pools.

With the capital, hunger for technological advancements and financial backing, the Middle East has its eyes set on becoming known for Esports. Our partners Alienware, Dell and Intel have already made it clear that they have joined them. The question is, will you?

About the Author: Dell Technologies