Dell Technologies Connected CEO: Who is Paving the way for Digital Change?

On January 23rd, Dell Technologies for the first time bought ‘Connected CEO’ to Africa, which was held at The Da Vinci Hotel, Johannesburg. The engagement bought together 15 leading Enterprise CXOs from across Johannesburg, along with the Dell Technologies leadership team with Doug Woolley, General Manager of South Africa and Nigel Moulton, CTO at Dell Technologies present.

Some of the key discussion points were as follows;

  • If every company is becoming a technology company, what does this mean for the CIO and CEO partnership? How can you make it stronger and more effective?
  • Security is becoming increasingly vital, for customers, employees and IP. Can the CEO+CIO partnership turn a traditional roadblock into a competitive advantage?
  • How are you creating and enabling a connected, collaboratively leadership team? How do you connect this to your workforce? What does best practice look like?

One result was clear from the discussions, and that was for transformation to succeed in a disruptive business world, a strong collaboration between CEOs and CIOs is critical. Having a powerful relationship between the CEO & CIO is integral for increasing ROI and improving the company’s digital infrastructure, however as we found; this partnership often gets overlooked.

According to Gartner’s recent CEO Survey, growth and profit are still the number-one priorities. The question is: How do we achieve this change?

Digital change is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and as security and cyber threats become increasingly more important in almost every enterprise business, it is a must that the CEO and CIO are Connected Leaders, and this event was the perfect platform to combine these topics.

The purpose of our ‘Connected CEO’ event was to allow executives to take part in an open discussion on how the partnership between CEO & CIO can be strengthened in a new rapidly developing digital and technological climate. Our open discussion allowed new perspectives and strategies to be heard, from a range of CXO executives.

Nigel Moulton, CTO at Dell Technologies was the guest keynote speaker at our ‘Connected CEO’ event, with over 25 years’ experience working in IT and Telecommunications industries. Nigel was able to share valuable information on digital strategies and understanding the impact of new technologies within a growing industry. Whilst also giving a deep insight into the benefits of a CIO working closely with the CEO.

About the Author: Dell Technologies