Dell EMC’s Head of Transformation is SA’s Top Performing Business Leader

Natasha Reuben, Dell EMC’s Head of Transformation, has been chosen as the 2018 National Business Awards’ Top Performing Business Leader of the Year.

“Show me the heroes that the youth of your country look up to, and I will tell you the future of your country.” – Idowu Koyenikan.

What is a country? A series of lines on a map? A chunk of ground on the planet? No, a country is a collective of people, all striving for a better tomorrow. Not everyone always agrees on how to get there and sometimes things can become very tumultuous. But the heart of a nation resides with the souls that call it home. As South Africa stands on the verge of greatness and reaches for its true potential, it’s the verve and ambition of its people that will take the country there.

One of those people is Natasha Reuben, a rising star at Dell EMC where she is the Head of Transformation. This is not a ceremonial role: her mandate is closely tied to the company’s strategy and she reports her team’s efforts directly to the board. These include the highly successful Khulisa Academy, which trains graduates in advanced technologies, and the Dell Solar Labs, advanced computer labs built into portable and robust converted shipping containers that are installed in disadvantaged communities.

These successes have not gone unnoticed: Reuben has been recognized by the 2018 National Business Awards as Top Performing Business Leader of the Year. Her win was announced during the 16th annual National Business Awards gala ceremony, held recently in Johannesburg

“I’m really humbled to have won this award” Reuben said. “But I didn’t achieve this on my own. The support of an amazing organization as well as my team, enables us to implement meaningful and sustainable programs that change lives. It is truly a blessing to be recognized amongst such great South African business leaders and proves that together we can achieve so much to help our country.”

The awards’ nominees and winners include a notable number of women, bolstering Reuben’s belief that empowering women and girls is crucial, as is spreading the message that diversity is effective and a competitive advantage. This reflects Dell EMC’s own support for diversity and professional enablement.

“I cannot do justice to the work Natasha and her team are doing,” said Doug Woolley, GM of Dell EMC South Africa. “They are going above and beyond to help make South Africa better and stronger, and we are so privileged to have people of her calibre working for Dell EMC. I truly believe this is just the beginning: keep an eye on Natasha. She’s going places. The recognition of this award is only the beginning.”

A nation future depends on its youth and leaders. Natasha Reuben and her peers give a lot of reasons to be ambitious for what South Africa can become. Dell EMC is immensely proud of her and her team’s achievements, including this award, and will continue supporting the quest to make this a better country for all.

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