Chasing Sound From the Studio to Your Home

What’s on your playlist this week? A little Panic! At the Disco? John Hiatt? Queen Latifah? No Doubt? Or maybe some classics like Toto? Smokey Robinson? Bette Midler? Eric Clapton? Even Debby Boone?

That’s a wide variety of musical styles, but they all have something in common. Their sound has been impacted by audio engineer and record producer Jack Joseph Puig. And so has the Dell XPS 27 All-in-One (AIO).

Jack Josephy Puig in his recording studio with the Dell XPS 27 AIO

Designed in the Studio

“As a professional record maker, I chase sound every day. I chase emotion every day with the artists inside the recording studios,” Puig says. “Now I’m chasing sound and emotion and feeling with engineers.”

Those engineers include James Haller, principal experience designer at Dell. In this video, Haller, Puig and Dell’s Donnie Oliphant share the story of how we looked to push technology to its limits and do something really disruptive when designing the XPS 27 AIO:

“I actually went through 72 iterations of pushing, rejecting, redesigning. Everything you can imagine we tried,” says Puig. “We tried different speaker configurations. We tried different kinds of amplifiers, different kinds of voltages, before we found something that made me feel that the sound I chase every day was coming out of those speakers.”

An Audiophile’s Computer

It’s a sound that reviewers have noticed – and not just the usual tech-focused publications that typically review computers.

“We’ve never given a computer one of our Exceptional Value Awards, but the Dell XPS 27 makes so much more sheer sense than an iMac, I’m compelled,” Jeff Dorgay wrote in a TONEAudio magazine feature titled “The World’s First Audiophile Computer.”

“Using this machine is pure joy. When was the last time you said that about a computer?” Dorgay said.

Using this machine is pure joy. When was the last time you said that about a computer?

VR-Ready Sound

Reviewers continued to laud the XPS 27 when we announced at Computex 2017 a virtual reality (VR)-ready version of the system.

Anton Shilov noted “the key feature of the latest XPS 27 remained intact: the audio sub-system with 10 speakers (six on the front, two down firing and two radiating) designed to enable surround sound without using bulky external audio equipment.”

But select configurations now also meet the recommended specifications to power an ideal VR experience with either the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets.

Bring It All Home

Removing barriers between the listener and their music is great not only for professionals like Puig, but for all of us music lovers out there. When we crank up the tunes, we not only hear the music, but also feel it and that combination can really make an impact.

“Being able to get some sort of emotional response from the customer from an audio perspective that was something that hadn’t been done before in the industry,” said Oliphant, director of XPS Product Marketing.

So if you’d like to add an all-in-one system to your home that can not only make you more productive, but also take your gaming to a new level AND transport you musically, then you really ought to check out the XPS 27 AIO.

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