A healthy workplace is a happy workplace

By Imane Elaasri, Human Resource Site Leader, Dell Morocco

The brain consumes more energy than any other single organ in our bodies. It routinely slurps up as much as 20 percent of our overall energy intake and at times even more than that. If we feel drained or unmotivated, that can often be due to the brain not getting its energy requirements. But it’s not just a matter of eating well – our brains depend on the body to perform as well. A healthy body literally does help keep a healthy brain!

In today’s knowledge economies, we use our brains more than ever before. Even if we have a hundred simple things to do every day, that is still a type of complexity. So if people want to be productive, they should also try to be healthy. If we can help employees to be fit and happy at Dell Technologies, they will also work smarter.

Dell Morocco has tackled this with enthusiasm, hosting our third annual Wellness week from 25 to 27 June. But this is just one part of a bigger movement, where Dell Morocco’s staff and families will have many opportunities to get fit, stay healthy and focus on wellness.

What is Wellness? It’s not just about fitness, but physical health, good nutrition, maintaining a work-life balance – even how to get the most wellbeing out of travelling. It recognises that we are complex machines that, like any sophisticated system, needs attention, care and balance. How can you pursue your passions and ambitions if you feel low-energy and unmotivated? Wellness is the key to happiness.

At Dell Morocco, we take this seriously. We have created fitness areas for employees to use, especially if they want to take a break from their routines and get their blood pumping. We’ve also established numerous sporting committees, each tasked with supporting a type of sport and creating events around it. Not unlike our popular employee resource groups, these committees create the opportunities to get together, share experiences and have fun.

Some activities and events might take place during office hours, creating a welcome change from our daily pressures. Others happen after hours or on weekends, with some open to families to join too. Wellness is not just a personal mission, but best when shared with friends and family.

This is all part of making Dell Morocco a great place to work. It also reflects the values of Dell Technologies, such as winning together and building resolve to see things through where others fall short.

Even though there is only one Wellness Week this year, it’s just the beginning. It sets the tone for our wellness culture. So get involved, see what events are planned by the various sports committees, and discover that wellness is one of your most important professional assets. Because the brain is a terrible thing to waste!

About the Author: Dell Technologies