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    • We live in a world where your customers are no longer just loyal to your brand, product or service but to the complete experience your brand delivers. And since that experience is most visibly delivered by software, to become a digital leader your organization needs to be able to creatively innovate and efficiently operate software across the spectrum of your business activities, from internal processes to customer engagements.


        Achieve faster business innovation cycles

        We help you increase the speed of your innovation cycle by modernizing how you design and build software, adopting cloud-native patterns and platforms, and quickly integrating existing applications and data into the new applications you develop. A Fortune 100 manufacturer accelerated their innovation cycle from 3 years to 3 months by transforming the way they build software.1 Business speed and value like this is changing all the rules, enabling you to deliver new digital products and experiences sustainably faster and leave competitors behind.

      • 12x

        Application transformation can help you innovate with software up to 12x faster than today2


        Reduce operational costs and drive innovation

        We help you transform and streamline the way you operate software applications. The result is improved efficiency, significant operational cost savings, and the ability to invest those savings in innovation. We help you to achieve that by optimizing your existing application portfolio, providing a consistent developer and operator experience across multiple clouds, and maximizing operator productivity.

      • 66%

        Application transformation can help you reduce the cost of running applications by up to 66%3


        Decrease development risk. Decrease delivery risk. Increase value.

        You need to minimize risk associated with developing and delivering applications so you can have confidence they’ll meet expectations, now and into the future. We help you to align innovation investment to what your users care about. We reduce the risk of buying, integrating, managing and supporting the platform which powers your digital strategy. We further reduce risk by helping you secure, protect, archive and recover applications – wherever they run.

      • 80%

        Application Transformation can help you patch your systems up to 80% faster so you can reduce the window of opportunity for security breaches4

    • Work with one company that can make your Application Transformation real


        Accelerate software innovation

        Accelerate how you innovate with software, so you can compete more effectively against the disruptors.

      • Pivotal Labs

        Modernize how you design and build software to create a culture of innovation.

      • Pivotal Cloud Foundry

        Continuously deliver custom software on a secure, unified multi-cloud platform.

      • Dell Boomi

        Quickly integrate existing data sources into the new applications you develop


        Streamline application operations

        Streamline how you operate software applications to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and free up budget for innovation.

      • Dell EMC Application Portfolio Optimization Service

        Modernize your existing application portfolio to free up budget for innovation.

      • VMware Cloud Native Apps

        Build, run and manage modern applications with productivity, security and efficiency.

      • Dell Technologies Cloud Platform

        Provide a consistent developer and operator experience across multiple clouds.


        Minimize application delivery risk

        Minimize the risks associated with developing and delivering applications.

      • Pivotal Ready Architecture by Dell EMC

        Tested and validated reference architecture featuring the best of Pivotal, VMware and Dell EMC.

      • Cloud Native Security

        Take a modern, highly automated approach to security.

      • Dell EMC Data Protection

        Protect, archive and recover your applications wherever they run.