• Drive high-end research to attract and retain top academic talents

      Researchers at colleges and universities worldwide are unlocking new discoveries with cost-effective and scalable high-performance computing (HPC) solutions from Dell EMC.

    • Push research boundaries with high performance computing

      • Drive more grant revenues using HPC tools
      • Reduce costs with HPC systems
      • Increased processing speeds create a competitive advantage for researchers, students and faculty
      • Implement AI, machine learning and deep learning utilizing HPC technology
    • Unlock new discoveries with cost-effective, scalable high-performance computing (HPC) solutions

      Higher education researchers choose Dell EMC to expand their capacity to investigate complex problems, including the use of big data analytics by means of powerful, yet cost-effective high-performance computing systems.

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    Customer Stories


      Customer Story: Cambridge University

      Driving scientific discovery with real-time analytics

      Cambridge University operates a biomedical cloud for real-time analytics for predictive medicine with Dell EMC HPC.


      Customer story: MIT Lincoln Labs

      MIT Lincoln Center Super Computing Center

      MIT Lincoln labs unveils new top500 system which provides super computing capabilities to science and engineering researchers to solve complex challenges.


      Customer story: Texas Advanced Computing Center

      Enable scientific discoveries with advanced computing systems and technologies

      The Texas Advanced Computing Center supports the University of Texas System and National Science Foundation researchers with the newest version of their high performance computing cluster.

    Learning Resources


      Dell EMC HPC and AI Innovation Lab

      Develop innovative high-performance computing and artificial intelligence technologies through community collaboration.


      Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC

      Expand the boundaries of what’s possible by advancing, democratizing and optimizing high performance computing (HPC).


      Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC Storage

      Improved access to HPC generates unprecedented amounts of data make enterprise HPC storage simpler, more reliable and cost‑effective.